Consistency is the key. But what’s the key to consistency?

4 min readDec 9, 2019


Most of the time, you want the results.

So you put in the reps. Like how all successful people have been saying repeatedly.

“Consistency is the key — Show up and put in the hard work.”

But most often than not, you find it hard to make the first move. Even something small like hitting the gym.

What’s worse is— after taking the first move, nothing changes. You don’t see yourself a step nearer to be slimmer, but only end up with sore muscles.

It feels like friction is everywhere. There’s a gravitational force pulling you back from nowhere.

Then you will be like, Why deny the law of nature? Just let it be.

Then you stay put. End of story.

What if you did not expect any results out of what you wanted to do?

I know someone who does just that — no expected concrete goal to achieve, but just consistently taking actions every single day.

She is my Aunt. Someone I’ve been living with for 4 years now.

Without fail, throughout the day, she will pick up her Tablet which has a Piano app installed and started hitting on the keys — F, C, E and the list goes on.

She starts to sing along, guided by the notes from the Piano app. Day to day, without fail.

Sometimes she will turn on the karaoke set at home and start singing with a microphone. Her cellphone will be by her side, recording her own performance. Then she will replay the entire recording, and rate her own performance.

Deliberate practice indeed. But is she rooting for success from doing all these?

I guess not.

She is in her 60s now. She is enjoying what she likes and spending her day in such manner makes her happy.

What she is doing on daily basis is admirable — and she does it merely for her interest. Something that she has got no time to pursue further when she was young, busy raising her children.

Now they have grown up. And she is free. So she sings whenever she is idle.

She is happy to learn how to read music notes only in her 60s. She attended all sorts of choir training. She raised funds with a team to perform on stage. She searched for YouTube videos to learn how to sing better.

I have not seen anything as self discipline and as consistent as this. The best part is — it is done voluntarily and happily, without being compelled at all.

Sometimes I wonder, if she wants to be successful as a singer one day? Or if she wants to be popular one day?

But it does not matter at all. Her focus is not to be a Chinese pop star, and her goal is not to be famous.

The only thing that matters is — She loves singing. And she wants to sing better.

I’m inspired whenever I see her singing. I do not see any hesitations in her, nor do I see any reluctance in her doing her daily routine.

Maybe it is easier for us to kick start a habit by just that? Simply enjoy what you are doing, then spend the time enjoying yourself.

Sometimes in our life, we’re used to how things are done at work — you set a goal for the team, you do backward planning then you drive actions to reach the goals. If action A does not work after some time, improvise or change to action B. Reaching goal and getting result is everything, and you let that guide your actions.

But in our lives, is that really necessary? Have you not had enough of those at work? Would it be better if things are done otherwise?

Say, you have set yourself a goal to slim down 50KG, then break it down to 10 KG per month and you knew you have to work out consistently for 5 months at least. Then only you hit the gym.

Would you be happy working out? Would you enjoy sweating in the gym. Chances are, no, not really. At the back of your mind, you know that you have to repeat this all over again tomorrow.

If, you hit the gym without all these pre-planning, and you just feel like sweating and working out to stay healthy.

Would you come back again tomorrow after all the sweat? Probably.

Putting focus on end results might pull you back from taking certain actions instead of pushing you forward to even take the first step.

Sometimes certain things in life does not need to be over-engineered, and taking it easy to enjoy the moment might be the best path to consistency.




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